What we do

We help brands express their DNA in the physical space by telling a story. From conception to realization, we challenge every user’s need and love to mix them together. This is possible thanks to a range of skills, tailor-made solutions, reactivity, common sense, a great deal of taste and a good sense of humour!  
In 8 (beautiful) years, we have succeeded in building a multidisciplinary team of about thirty people to create experiential places that suits your style and needs. We design both beautiful and functional spaces, putting the client, the brand and the experience at the heart of our design process. We create real living spaces, adapted to different needs and uses.  
Reinventing current spaces store
to adapt them to new habits to buy
For who?  
Today, we operate in 3 different sectors: retail, work and hospitality. We help start-ups as well as companies of the CAC 40 (French stock market index) to create physical spaces, from 3m2 to 15 000m2, in France and abroad.  
Reinventing current spaces store
to adapt them to new habits to buy


We will accompany you throughout the whole process, regardless of the size of your space and whether your brand is established or not. We are a well organized and creative agency: our business process, which has proven its success on more than 200 projects, allows us to respect your constraints and to carry out your projects right up to the end.  
1 project = 3 areas of expertise


#Visual identity

#Interior architecture


Project analysis

During this stage, we will help you identify and understand your brand, your target, your environment and your needs. It is a crucial step for the next phase, because it allows us to understand your brand’s DNA and create a physical space that meets the needs of all your users (customers, visitors, staff …).  

Marketing, Arch. and VI

The second phase is the most creative one. Our 3 teams (marketing, interior architecture and visual identity) will work together to create a storytelling (marketing concept) that will then be declined in a physical space (architectural concept and signage). At the same time, we will also be working on the customer journey and the different uses in this space.  


Once the concept has been defined, we will put a cost on the following elements: the interior fittings, the made-to-measure pieces, the furniture and the signage elements. This will allow us to define a budget within your price range and to help you choose which partners to work with.  

Project realization

We will help you throughout the whole process, until your physical space becomes reality. We work in partnership with the companies and supervise all their work, then make sure that the deadlines are met. Finally, we place the orders and help you with the installation of your made-to-measure pieces, your furniture and your signage elements.  
As an option: we can also help you create your brand or your style guide, your event calendar or organize your events…  


Label Tour

Made for companies, our tailor-made tours across the city of Paris will allow you to discover many new places (stores, restaurants and third places) full of inspiration.

8years 40ongoing projects 90000m2 conceived 30people 150clients