Our values

Are you wondering how a hybrid team, with such varied profiles, can be so committed and have such a close bond?          
Here is our secret: we all share one same passion as well as similar values! Label Experience is above all a human adventure that we share with our customers and partners.          
WE ARE creative
But organized


We pay attention to detail and are all hard workers. We are demanding for high quality in both format and content.          
Here at Label Experience, we are 100% committed to your projects from start to finish. We are convinced that every problem has its solution and we are here to help you.          


We are attentive to the needs and constraints of our clients. We are looking for long-lasting partnerships, based on trust.          
We treat everyone – our customers, our partners, our employees – as equals. We work together for a common goal, therefore, we believe that a joyful and relaxed atmosphere makes for a successful project!          


We seek to build honest relationships. We are transparent with our partners and clients, even on sensitive issues (budget, timing, etc.).          
Here, there are no unsaid things, no taboo! We prefer to be 100% transparent with you, to avoid unpleasant surprises or misunderstandings. You have a vision of the project’s progress in real time, and can make decisions in all consciousness.          


At Label Experience we have hybrid teams. We believe that having many different skills is a strength for designing spaces, and satisfying diverse clients.          
Collaboration within a team with complementary profiles (marketing, interior architecture and visual identity) fosters creativity and makes it possible to carry out complete projects which are thought out to the last detail.          


The story

Right from the start of Label Experience, Audrey and Sophie wanted to incorporate a social dimension to the agency, so they created a company in which employees are happy to come and work. Today, we want Label Experience to become a company aware of its impact and start to become more sustainable.          

Our actions today

Internally, each employee is committed to implementing an eco-responsible approach within the team. We evaluate the CSR policy of our partners, seek for positive alternatives with them when we prepare our price quotes, to create an ecosystem with a positive impact. We are always on the lookout for new sustainable materials and furniture. And finally, we encourage the reuse of furniture in pop-up stores with Movable, our furniture rental package.          

And this is only the beginning!

Every day, we try to move more towards this direction. If you have any suggestions for improvement, please do not hesitate to contact us! If you would like to incorporate a sustainable approach to your spaces, we would be delighted to help you and to reflect together on this subject.          


We are proud to have obtained the ChooseMyCompany 2020 accreditation, in the category HappyIndex®AtWork StartUp! We got a score of 4.53/5 with a 100% recommendation rate from our employees.