The first collider in Europe






Third place


7500 m2


Caen, France

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Benoît Boselli & Bertrand Ledieu

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Marketing concept
Architectural concept
Signage concept
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The Context

The aim of this project in Caen was to create the first “collider” in Europe. As Olivier Cotinat, co-founder of MoHo, explains it, the MoHo is a place that will encourage people to think in order to solve the biggest challenges we are facing today.

Label Experience has been working alongside MoHo for several years, to create this third place of more than 7500m2. Made up of numerous rooms, it welcomes many uses and a varied audience: coworking, creative spaces, restaurants, leisure activities… Our team has worked both on the marketing and the architectural concept of the different spaces, as well as on the programmes and the signage on the campus.    

The Project

The MoHo will open in 2021 in an old Renault garage of 7,500 m², which required a full interior and exterior renovation!

This place, steeped in history, has a strong international resonance therefore, our marketing concept is based on exploring this new “territory”. It is designed to accommodate permanent residents (professionals), occasional residents as well as the general public, that is to say a very heterogeneous, multicultural and multigenerational audience. All of whom will come together: to question everything in order to learn, to develop and to grow. Thus, we have analyzed all their needs to define the different uses of this hybrid place, which will have workspaces to encourage emulation and knowledge sharing, numerous services to make life easier for those who work there, as well as entertainment areas to generate attractiveness for locals.


With all the hard work that Label Experience has put into this project, I’m sure that our place will be stunning!

Nicolas Geray - Co-fondateur of MoHo

7500m2 280rooms 500office desks 30months of construction work 1500m2 accessible to all 1large atrium
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