Discover our furniture rental service.

Do you wish to open a temporary retail space or a showroom, design a pop-up store or organise a photo shoot? Rent your furniture rather than buying it! Movable, our furniture rental package, is a sustainable option for all your events. It has been especially designed to meet your needs: we have carefully selected trendy and affordable furniture as well as decorative objects.      

A turnkey solution

Movable was designed to make your life easier. From your order placement to the delivery, we commit to assisting you every step of the way and to adapt to your specific needs. Do you have a request or a suggestion?

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*all prices (excluding delivery) are indicated at the end of the catalog!

How does it work?

Choose the items you would like to rent and write down their reference numbers. You will find the prices, which varies according to the rental length, at the end of the catalog (please note that the cost of delivery is not included). When you are ready to confirm your order (or if you just have a question), send an email to our Movable manager: Camille ( She will get back to you as soon as possible with a quote.      
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Did you know? Our furniture is stored in the heart of Paris, near the metro station Sentier. Therefore, if you wish to come pick-up your items on site, you can!